Ohmyohme.com is a sneak peak into my life and a few of the things I’m interested in. Although you may have noticed in my blog section, most of the posts are focused on creative content in the form of design, video and photography. That said I’m keen to explore creativity in all forms and I’m always stumbling across sources of inspiration and brilliant pieces of work created by people with awesome talent. Hopefully some of this will enter my brain and help me become awesomely creative too, we’ll have to wait and see 😉

Me in Copenhagen

Beyond all this creative hoohaa, I live in Leeds. I like cats that don’t scratch and chilled out dogs that know when to loose they’re shit (outside in a large open space) and don’t poop on my carpet or in my shoes. I enjoy the smell of Amercian Crew Fibre in my well groomed wiglet in the morning (it smells sweet but a bit spicy at the same time!?).

I tread a fine line between hipster cool wannabe and mid-life crisis. My preference of tipple is whisky and also like to indulge in XO Patron (staying awake beyond midnight can require extra efforts in the form of coffee based tequila.

I have a weakness for cheese Doritos and various other cheesy snacks, basically cheese and crispy corn stuffs. I like all sorts of music, although I get bored really quickly so my playlists change pretty much every day. I like to fist bump at least one person a day, if not my knuckle feels sad. Sometimes I look up at the sky at the night, see the stars and make the same noise as those green aliens from Toy Story. My favourite animal is the Orang-utan. I like saying ‘skadoosh’.