I find myself taking a sneak peek on Vimeo every day to see what the latest trends, filming styles and latest creative minds are producing. This month was definitely not disappointing.

1. Amaro and Walden’s Joyride
There are so many things I like about this video, the drawing style and animation works so well to push the attitude of the video. Almost wish I was on the little RC Jeep with Amaro and Walden, losing my mind and causing mischief. Great use of GoPros makes for some really fun camera angles. Check out the making of, real eye opener and hat tip to all those involved.

2. Tiga I Bugatti
The crew at Division have always been involved with some fantastic videos, this is one of my favourites. Already getting a tonne of attention and collecting a fair few awards.

3. Hello Play NYE promo
Greg Barth is known for quite striking surreal and sort of minimal visuals in his projects. This video is obviously quite old now but my favourite thing about it is the practial side of it’s production. Building on stop motion animation tecniques and some clever post production we end up with a really watchable pices of work. Do love a bit of cheeky 3d printing too. The making of video does a much better job explaining the work that went into the video, well worth a look.
The Making of Hello Play NYE – https://vimeo.com/115740063

4. Domino
Domino by Anna Vasof is more of an experimental piece than a full blow project but pretty interesting effect. Wonder what it would be like if the track was a lot longer and the sequence incorporated some more elements to tell a story.

5.Henry’s Premiere
So there’s a massive buzz around virtual reality at the moment, with several devices on the market and due to be released over the next 12 months. One’s to watch are the HTC Vive, Sony Morpheus and the Oculus Rift. Speaking of the Oculus, Henry is the creation of Story Studio which have produced an interactive movie especially for VR and mainly Oculus. It’s pretty exciting to see a character within the movie interact and acknowledge the viewer but I’m a little confused about whether this is actually a movie or a game or some other genre.