What happens when you have a 12 man stag weekender in Copenhagen? hmm that would be telling but…

… I can tell you what I thought about Copenhagen itself. All it took to get there was a simple and affordable 2 hour flight from Manchester airport. If you don’t mind keeping things basic, flights can be under £100 with operators like Jet2 and EasyJet. Most of us travelling in our ‘wolf pack’ opted for EasyJet, which in all honesty wasn’t half bad. Usually I’d be disappointed by leg room, but my lanky twiglet legs managed to fit neatly in the foot well. This perk combined with the swift purchase of a couple of cans of beer meant we’d certainly began the weekend as planned! After a quick snooze, toilet break and flick through the in flight magazine we landed at Copenhagen airport.


The airport welcomed us with more beer at the nearest bar inside, we gathered ourselves together and organised our journey to central Copenhagen. We’d booked into a hostel called The Generatorwhich worked at about £30 a night per person! Perfect for a group crash pad but if you’re not into the whole hostel, bunk bed and sharing vibe there are a lot of other options. AirBnb returned some really good alternatives for large groups too, definitely worth a look at when organising this sort of a trip. Once we got settled, it was straight to the bar and grab something to eat before having a little explore of the city.

We ate at a restaurant called Barbie which is close to the central station and Tivoli gardens. It’s basically the place to go if you fancy a good BBQ meat feast. As 12 strapping lads it was a great call and we weren’t disappointed, 2 very large meat platters with a variety of beef, pulled pork and chicken not to mention some small sides. This all go washed down with a bit of red wine and a few overly sized bottles of Grolsch! The staff were great, we did make a bit of noise but it seems like they purposely put large groups downstairs for this reason. The meal itself wasn’t particular expensive in the grand scheme of things but we did consume a lot of alcohol which bumped the bill up slightly.

Our hunger satisfied, we moved on to our first main activity of the weekend – The Pub Crawl! I think this was a great call, as we didn’t really know where the best places in Copenhagen were and even though we had done a little research it was nice to let someone else take the helm and give us a bit of a guided tour. The pub crawl itself was organised by the inventively named ‘Pub Crawl Copenhagen‘, all we had to do was meet their team at the Memorial Anchor in Nyhavn at 8pm. After meeting up we headed to the first bar where the organisers then took payment (140DK which is about £13) and provided bracelets for everyone. The night progressed with free shots and cocktails at each of the bars and rounding up at a club close to the starting point of the crawl. Hats off to the team looking after us, they somehow managed to keep a rowdy bunch of revelers in line and kept the party going through to our final destination. I totally recommend doing the crawl, it’s great value for money, lots of fun, gives you a chance to instantly meet new people not just from Copenhagen but other travelers from around the globe.

Suffice to say the next morning we all felt a bit ropey but the Generator Hostel provided some great facilities which meant we didn’t have to go far for a coffee and a decent breakfast. Although that all said, it wasn’t long before the first beer of the day was drank…yep we pretty much had beer with everything, it was quite ridiculous.

Now before things got out of hand with the beer we had our second activity lined up first. Go Karting! Yes we travelled 1000 kilometres to do something that is probably in our own city but this was a stag do and all the cliches were there for the taking! Not the nearest of places to go to but probably one of the cheaper options and they were really accommodating as we had to change our booking because we were running a little late. I can’t quite remember how much it cost but I’m guessing what’s listed on their website helps answer… www.gokarting.dk. Several skid marks and an hour later we’d officially crowned our go karting champion, I personally think he cheated and the machine that tracked our karts was faulty! 😉

Agh my eyes11385135_855899097790638_457122694_n

With our adrenaline pumped and competitive spirits high, the only way to continue would be to obviously have more meat and drink ourselves to oblivion. The next Copenhagen restaurant Retour certainly delivered on our request for more meat with some pretty impressive dishes, one of which being a 500g steak which I obviously ordered, destroyed somehow and then realised my drinking abilities would severely be hindered for the rest of the night! That said, it wasn’t about me, the whole weekend was about bonding with a fantastic bunch of guys and giving the stag a night they wouldn’t forget too quickly. I’ll leave you pondering about exactly what we got up to from there on hence why I’ve abruptly wound up this paragraph and signed off this post 😉

11257085_1646776758869324_566797482_nCopenhagen Stag Weekend