To be honest I shouldn’t be but I can’t help think Hollywood and the movie world sort of need a persona like Deadpool to shake things up a bit. It’s about time they provide us with less of this squeaky clean patronising shizzle and more real rebellious sarcastic behaviour that we secretly admire.

  1. The original Deadpool was a bag of shit rocks
  2. Deadpool deserved to always have more thrown into it as a standalone movie, maybe it’s the uninverse’s way of teaching us a lesson;
  3. I’m a fan of ‘breaking the fourth wall‘ aka speaking directly to the audience.
  4. This honest and upfront approach to the character and storyline will position to exactly where it needs to be, it shouldn’t be looking to tick all the right money making boxes, it just needs to keep things sincere.
  5. The movie looks like it’s full of one liners, witty responses and sarcastic comments.
  6. Ryan Renolds is actually a really great actor, yes he does the whole douche bag sarcastic mother lover thing a lot but hey if you’re good at something, why not be the best at it!
  7. It’s the first movie of many that ushers in the new generation of Marvel Universe characters.
  8. Marvel/Disney is going balls out and making it’s first R rated movie in…er..ever? But correct me if I’m wrong.
  9. Director Tim Miller is pretty new to the scene and this seems to be his first pop at feature length movie production but has been involved in creative and visual direction for projects like Star Wars The Old Republic, Mass Effect 2 and Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. Also what we’ve seen in the trailers to date seems to indicate that he’s doing alright 😉
  10. If there was ever a marvel character I would be, it would probably be Deadpool.

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it;


Here’s the trailer for the trailer if you also haven’t seen that too;


And here’s some goon dressed as Deadpool at a comicon thing;